About the Stanford Cancer Institute

The Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) is a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, with a scientific agenda combining laboratory research, clinical study and population science. It provides support and coordination for the entire range of cancer-related activities occurring at Stanford University, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, and the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.

SCI’s 400-plus faculty members belong to more than 30 academic departments in three schools, and represent the wide array of disciplines involved with comprehensive cancer research, treatment and prevention. At any given time, SCI members are involved in over 300 ongoing cancer clinical trials, combining leading edge therapies with individualized, compassionate care. SCI also maintains active programs in community education, cancer detection and prevention, as well as support and training for the next generation of cancer physicians and researchers.

In 2013, SCI and Stanford Hospital and Clinics launched the Stanford Cancer Initiative, an ambitious multi-faceted plan to literally transform the cancer patient experience. Combining innovative research, robust technology, evidence-based patient management and a commitment to inform and include the patient in every decision of their cancer journey, the Initiative demonstrates SCI’s determination to constantly advance its support for patients while improving their clinical outcomes.

Simply stated, each of SCI’s members and all of its resources are focused on one goal: to reduce the occurrence and impact of cancer.

Giving to SCI

Philanthropic investments are critical to speed the advance of cancer research and treatment. Your tax-deductible donations provide SCI with uniquely flexible resources to support its members and fuel their novel investigations and therapeutic advances. SCI provides grants to support innovative ideas and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations, which are often leveraged into larger awards from federal or private funders. SCI is also creating “impact funds” targeted at particularly difficult cancers, such as ovarian, stomach and pancreatic.

Your donations also enable SCI to offer its members access to shared research facilities that provide state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated services that are too complex or expensive for most members to access on their own. And SCI is constantly working to train, recruit, support and retain the absolute best minds to aid its effort to eradicate cancer as soon as humanly possible. Your support for Team Tarlton will also make a difference in SCI’s race to end cancer. Thank you!

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